Florida State Univesity

Heritage Protocol & University Archives Inventory Database

Fundamental to the mission of the Heritage Protocol project is that every item within the collection, in addition to being identified and preserved, be cataloged. Every item that falls within the scope of Heritage Protocol & University Archives will therefore be indexed in the database regardless of the type of medium or the location where it is housed or archived. This database provides descriptions of collections for artifacts such as personal papers, manuscripts, departmental records, photographs, audio and video recordings, and assorted memorabilia and three-dimensional items. The database is categorized, and can be browsed, by Collection Title, Subject, Creator, Archival Record Group, and Digital Library. The database can also be searched by keyword or phrase.

The database used for indexing Heritage Protocol & University Archives collections is Archon, which was developed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Heritage Protocol & University Archives Digital Collections

Heritage Protocol & University Archives' currently available born digital and digitized materials are available in the Florida State University Digital Library hosted on the Islandora platform.